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Design Quickie – Color Pallet + Pattern Play!

Who is it for? Someone looking for a quick refresh to work with existing furniture pieces OR planning ahead for future changes and you’d like to get started on ideas now

Why does this work? It’s like having customized idea board in your pocket! Have you ever been out shopping & end up spending forever in the throw pillow section going back and forth about what colors or patterns to pair with what? Or you walk around the store with that one item in your hand placing it next to things wondering if it works but then you leave empty handed…discouragement comes quickly:( How great would it feel to already have a game plan in your pocket to shop with confidence!

Let me take the guesswork out of it so that you can get going on that design refresh! Use the extra time to catch up with loved ones or just use it for yourself…that bottle of wine isn’t getting any younger (wink wink)

**Additional call time or boards may be purchased separately.